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1987 Vol. #4 Suggested Soundtrack

Updated: May 6, 2021

  1. Train to Skaville- The Ethiopians

  2. On The Streets- 4Skins

  3. Big Six- Judge Dread

  4. Cool Jerk- The Capitols

  5. Cecelia ( Instrumental)- Simon and Garfunkel (Reference page 19)

  6. Too Late to Turn Back Now- Cornelius Brothers

  7. Love Me Forever- Carlton and the Shoes

  8. The Sun- Nick Swift

  9. Suburban Rebels- The Business

  10. Mount Zion- Desmond Dekkar

  11. Judge Dread- Prince Buster

  12. Remembrance Day- 4 Skins

  13. Here Comes the Major- Bad Manners

  14. Someone's Gonna Die- Blitz

  15. Night Owl- Bobby Paris

  16. Unite and Win- Sham 69

  17. Town Called Malice- The Jam

  18. The Tide is High- The Paragons

  19. Barefootin'- Wilson Pickett

  20. Girl's Don't Like It- The Undertones

  21. Tell The Children- Sham 69

  22. Forever Blowin Bubbles- Cockney Rejects

Spotify Playlist HERE!

MP3 folder HERE!

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