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Danger Doom

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In 2005 I was asked to create a video for an upcoming Danger Mouse/ MF Doom collaboration. The project was called Danger Doom, and was being released by Epitaph Records with a partnership from Cartoon Network. The record was also going to feature the cast of Aqua Teen Hunger Force from Adult Swim, CN's late night show lineup.

The project had a huge budget, but, no time. We had all of 5 weeks to make it happen. To add to the pressure, every bus bench in town was plastered with ads for the new record. We scheduled a meeting with some of the folks from the network, along with Brian Burton, who was producing the record. I showed up with just these two drawings, and we got the go ahead to start.

The results weren't too hot due to the quick tunraround, but they were happy, and it made the rounds for a bit.

I've since had the video up on YouTube, but, got asked to take it down a while ago by Epitaph. Some kid has put it back up since here.

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