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GZA Graphic Novel Inks

Going in the wayback machine to about 2007 when this graphic novel was well underway:

"This is the rundown of a all the steps involved in a page (Click on the image to play). The first frame is a rough that was in a sketch book, so, not much changed as far as composition and layout. Then, the pencilled version of the art board, and, finally the inks. Word bubbles and tonal shading will happen once the art is scanned in."

Coming to almost the mid-point of the inks. Still trying some new methods, as well as figuring as I go along, that, digital fixing is a great thing. While I don't want to rely too much on it, it's nice to know that pencils that took over a day to draft up won't be destroyed by some blotches or ruler marks.

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1 Comment

Nov 05, 2023

Classic! Thank you for doing what you do James.

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