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It's Not for Them

I'm always reminded of the story of George Lucas showing a rough cut of Star Wars to some of his colleagues ( the likes of Ron Howard, Brian DePalma, Phillip Kaufman). While some in the group expressed cautious enthusiasm, the gist of the feedback was bemused puzzlement.

DePalma is reported to have uttered "What is this sh%$!!?" And the general response was more or less a lack of understanding as to what the 32 year old had just spent 10 million dollars on. There wasn't really a precedent, and this bunch just didn't get it! He'd been associated with a group of filmmakers who were modeling their careers after the likes of Bertolucci and Antonioni! What George had put together was anything but. Their feedback amounted to the idea that George didn't understand the film market.

In hindsight, it wasn't George who didn't understand the market, it was this group of insiders whom were diluted with their own ideology. They were making films they thought people wanted to see. George was making something HE wanted to see.

And ultimately it just wasn't for them. And its a great lesson when doing something unprecedented. You'll hear a lot of resistance, and that's because people are scared of new ideas. When people respond to your work with hostility or ( more likely ) indifference. It doesnt mean it's not good, it just means it's not for them!

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15 janv. 2023

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