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In 1997, Kool Keith released the album 'Sex Style'. The record featured songs that were intended for the Dr. Octogan LP, his first solo effort since the split of Ultramagnetic, but ended up being part of an 'immediate follow up' solo record. It was really a chance for Keith (whose has about 10 different personas) to highlight his 'porn-rap' he champions as being the originator of.

Fast forward, 10 years, and it turns out there's about another albums worth of tracks that were never released. So I was thrilled when Kurt Matlin, the albums producer, and also known as the infamous Funky Redneck, had asked me to come up with some designs for this 'unreleased' record.

I had the idea of making a logo out of the Do Not Disturb hangers at motels, and went from there. We even stayed at a seedy motel in Palm Springs to get some pictures of some gaudy textures for the record cover.

The album liner notes include an exhaustive history of the making of this record. Kurt had moved from Santa Cruz (where we both grew up) and found himself living in a 2 bedroom apartment with Keith, TR Love, and members of the group Raw Breed. As far as I know, this was Kurt's first experience with 'housemates'. After spending a weekend at the apartment, I knew it was a matter of time till Kurt wanted to get his own place.

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