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The Smallest Viable Audience

I'm pretty sure that's a Kevin Kelly quote. Basically underlining the idea that it's a mistake to think you can make something for everyone. In fact, that's usually the first sign of a guranteed failure.

When releasing some idea into the word, it's usually a better route to appeal to the smallest viable audience. The key word there is 'viable' as, that can mean different things to different people. Kevin Kelly specifies what he calls '1000 true fans'. The idea being that if you can build that sort of an audience for whatever you're doing, that number will ultimately scale. Seth Godin talks about this a bit here:

"The strategy of the smallest viable audience doesn’t let you off the hook–it does the opposite. You don’t get to say, “well, we’ll just wait for the next random person to find us.” Instead, you have to choose your customers–who’s it for and what’s it for. And when you’ve identified them, the opportunity/requirement is to create so much delight and connection that they choose to spread the word to like-minded peers."

In other words, make something that a few people will love, rather than something a lot of people will like.

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