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When the s*%$ goes down!

As I'm putting together the story and artwork for 1987 Vol. 4, I'm reminded about how tense that summer of 1987 really was! Even though I wasn't yet a bonafide member of the Dover Arms Firm ( you had to undergo the voting process), I was seeing graffiti pop up around town calling for the DAF crews end! It was pretty jarring, and was usually accompanied by the name 'HORSECRIPPLER' possibly referencing the movement against us.

Aside from the seemingly large army of punks we'd run into along with the nazi skinheads who were starting to become regular visitors in our town, numerous characters started to pop up, almost as if both sides were calling in the reserves to take part in some final battle royale. It was the first time I'd see a gun flashed at me ( from an LA Skin named Roger who'd assumed I was a nazi skin for some reason!) Thankfully, the crew was present to deescalate the situation.

So far the vibe of the story in #4 is tense even among some of the more lighthearted parts that are being written. It'll hopefully give a good look into the the group dynamics of a crew that finds itself under siege from outsiders. And we'll also see how that tension in one sense brings everyone together, but in another sense starts to expose fissures within the group that will lead to certain members being banished!

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