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Why you do what you do!

I always find myself talking with younger artists, writers, etc. about why they do this. For most of us, the answer is obvious. We do this because, well, this is what we do. Meaning, if I was living as a serf in 13th century France, I'd still be finding time to draw. It's not really a choice so much as a daily practice.

In regards as to what someone's goal as an artist is, that's all over the place. Some want to just make stuff on their off time while they work as an accountant. Some strive to work in the big corporate media world ( Disney, Netflix, etc). And some just find their way on their own ( which is gratifying but scary). There' a lot of pressure to go work for the big guys, more so as a source of credibility. Nothing wrong with that, as, I spent sometime in that world as well.

I will say this, there's nothing like the feeling of publishing/ making something and selling it directly to the audience. No middle men, no bullshit. It makes all of the noise/ corporate BS seem irrelevant.

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