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Wild Hares

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Years ago, I was asked to develop an idea for a series of skateboard wheels that were targeted toward the younger set. I was given the name Wild Hares, and decided to give it a very Warner Brothers style.

After I was given multiple wheels for the artwork to be printed on, I tried to get a little more elaborate. We were permitted only 4 colors on these, so, off the bat, I knew I’d go with a green and orange ‘carrot color scheme.

The narrative I’d come up with involved a rabbit that had eaten radioactive carrots, and became the 'Wild Hare’ From there, a cat and mouse story evolved featuring a farmer named 'Annie’ who employed increasingly brutal, militaristic methods of dealing with the Wild Hare:

After about 2 years and about 10 or so wheel graphics and clothing had come out, Wild Hares was discontinued. It was a one of the funner projects I’d had a chance to work on, and great lesson in graphic identity and marketing.

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