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You Will Be Replaced ( and probably not by robots)

With the ascent of the Andrew Yang movement, there's been a lot of talk regarding the Freedom Dividend or what's also known as Universal Basic Income. It operates under the assumption that technology and in this case automation, will replace the very concept of human labor. There's some truth to that, but I think it's even more likely your job has a better chance of being moved either overseas, or, what i'll call, democratized.

In the design world, it wasn't so much that the creative work was automated, as much as it was the plain fact that there's art schools in the Phillipines. As these emerging economies grow, they'll no doubt change the way they do business, and will eventually grow a vibrant creative class, much as the United States did.

And as far democratization, I can't help think of what the iPhone did for photography. Once upon a time only certain specialists had fancy cameras. Someone would describe themselves as a 'photographer' and back then, you left it to the experts. When the camera phone and later the iPhone were released, all of the sudden, everyone had this technology in their hand whether they liked it or not. There's still professional photographers for sure, but for the most part, photography has become 'democratized'.

And I think that's what most creatives will face. Once upon a time, graphic designers had a monopoly on digital tools. Now, with Squarespace and services like Canva, design and layout go the same way of photography. Sure, there will always be the experts, but for the most part, a lot of creative fields will be much more democratized.

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