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Quasimoto Bullyshit Cel Print

Quasimoto Bullyshit Cel Print


The Quasimoto "Bullys Hit" Cell Print is a still from the 'Bullys Hit' Music Video from the 'Further Adventures' LP by Madlib alter-ego Quasimoto. In this shot, Lord Quas discovers the lair of the evil graff overlord 'Lord Inamel', the prince of graffiti ego!

This music video was my celebration to graffiti culture, and in particular, some of my subway graffiti heroes whose names Quasimoto encounters on his journey through the Realm of Graffiti!

This is a one of a kind 8"x11" Cel Print that will make a great gift to any fan of Hip Hop or animation.

The Cel Print method utilizes a high quality printed background, along with the foreground character artwork printed on acetate, much like a classic animation cell. The back of the cel is then hand painted to resemble the classic 'cel animation' look!

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