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Cut Chemist- 'Spat' (2005) Part 1

Once upon a time I submitted an idea for a Jurassic 5 video. It was a Schoolhouse Rock/Rap educational video , and I'd sketched all the guys out. I got no response, but a year or so later, a mutual friend introduced me to Lucas McFadden (Cut Chemist) who was looking for a video for his upcoming album.

He had the idea to have two 'turntable people' having an argument, as the song itself was an instrumental, with scratched noises and exclamations. I came up with a bit of a treatment and animatic, including the two characters, but involving a lot of arbitrary animated elements and scenes, that would offer up a 'jazz' sort of approach. Luke was pretty adamant to sticking to just the two characters on screen. We met halfway, by allowing me to keep some of these elements at the beginning of the video.

Settling on a character design for the Turntable Guy was a whole different matter. Luke submitted a design (upper left), and I'd come back with something a bit more streamlined, and 'animatable'(middle). We went back and forth on this for a while until other projects came up, and Luke wasn't happy with the designs thus far. We'd decided to stop the project...(continued).

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