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"Filthy"- The Kleenrz

I was pretty excited when Kenny Segal first contacted me, and seemed serious about producing an animated video. It had been a couple of years since I'd done a full length animated piece, as I'd found myself doing much more motion graphic, design animation, rather than full on cartoon. The other key component of this project was that the Kleenrz consisted of the aforementioned Kenny Segal as well as Self Jupiter who hailed from the legendary Los Angeles  group Freestyle Fellowship.

The idea behind 'Filthy' centered on a team of 'Cleaners' whose job it was to clean up grisly crime scenes, using some rather unique gadgets. One crime scene in particular ends up being haunted and coming back to life. I had 3 months to finish.

Once we nailed down budget and time frame, I was anxious to get started, as the production would  coincide with the birth of our son. In fact, most late nights I spent animating would be shared with nursing my infant son, Sawyer back to sleep. Staying up late wasn't such a problem anymore.

I got started on the character designs which, required a bit of back and forth. Self Jupiter was designed to be a squat, rotund character, while his partner Kenny Segal, taller and lanky. Kenny quickly informed me that the statures of the two were actually reversed, Self Jupiter being almost 6'3" and Kenny being 5'8". I quickly obliged with some be continued

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