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Masters Of Illusion - "We All Over"

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The one that started it all! A full 3 minutes of animation ( i'd never tried anything over 30 seconds), and I felt like it would never end! Thanks for the opportunity Kurt! SO much has been learned since:

This one actually started as a Flash Movie (SWF). Basically, in the early days of the web, video was way too big of a file size. Flash/ Shockwave files were a vector based form of animation and audio that enabled a smooth , smaller file size playback. Although crude and rudimentary, these sorts of animations became a handy way of creating media.

Then it so happens that MTV asked for a copy. But this was a web/ SWF file, and would need to be converted to a video format in order to play on broadcast. And so it went, my first, crude, simple animation was the one that went national on MTV.......

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