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I've long had friends whom pitch on a regular basis. Basically coming up with show outlines, usually in deck form, maybe with some visuals either as references or specific drawings/ designs. They'll usually announce these pitch opportunities as a win. "I got a meeting with Cartoon Network". "I got a meeting with Warner". I've usually admired this but for the most part I've been skeptical.

So much of the idea of 'pitching' seems to be an act of 'validate me'. As if, the idea isn't to have your idea purchased and brought to life by a large studio ( whom would then technically own your idea) but for some executive to validate your idea. Giving you permission.

I was at a house party years ago ( when I had a social life) and the kitchen ended up being where the intense discussions were happening. I had a debate with a screenwriter, who referred to me as 'lucky' since I was a visual artist. I could make my ideas come to life. His, was a world of scripts waiting to get picked and visualized for him. Many of them never seeing the light of day. I disagreed with him:

"Why does it just have to be a script? Why can't you just adapt it into a novel, or another format and release it yourself?"

"Because that's not what I do. I write scripts and wait until they're chosen."

"But, if the ideas are there, why keep them imprisoned in this format. Are you sure that's not just an excuse?"

"Again, I'm a screenwriter.. I don't do anything else"

I called it bullshit. I got a sense that he was avoiding what I was getting at, which is, he didn't want to be on the hook. He'd sell his script, and be done with it. If the movie is terrible, not his fault. It just seemed like the excuse we all make. Just waiting around for someone to validate our ideas for us.

Somewhat related, a pitch/ rejection letter of mine from Fantagraphics.

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