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Ron Cobb

I can't think of another cartoonist with a more diverse and interesting career as Ron Cobb. My brother brought home a book of his called 'The Cobb Book' which was full of his political cartoons. Some of them were generally themed, and some others were biting criticisms of US/Western policies.

Ron had actually gotten his start working at Disney Animation Studios at age 19. he was untrained, but, nevertheless was hired as an in-betweener, working with the original 9 Old Men.

He then went on to work in the US Signal Corp in Vietnam as a military adviser in 1963, long before the US was formally involved. This must've had a profound impact on his outlook, being that his political cartoons of the late 60's had so much insight. There's a few books out there of his cartoons, but, most of them are out of print. I was lucky enough to find a copy at a used bookstore around town.

He also had strong environmental leanings, and, would go on to design the official 'Ecology' logo Some of his cartoons depicted doomsday scenarios of environmental collapse.

In the 1970's he worked in film production, and, helped design and write for Lucas and Spielberg (rumor has it he's one of the cantina aliens from Star Wars). Throughout the 80's and 90's, he continued to work in film, mostly as a creative consultant, especially in regards to science fiction and futurism. Floating around the web, you can find all sorts of work Ron did including LP covers like this:

One of my favorites!

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