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The Marin Skins meet Bill the Cat!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

As is documented in the upcoming 1987 ( Volume #4), the Marin Skins made their appearance in Santa Cruz and I thought they were going to kill me. At the time I was just getting my feet wet with Skinhead/ Punk Rock style and had yet to confront any adversity! The Marin Skins

(otherwise known as the North Bay Firm) were a bit older, a lot cockier and seemed hell bent letting me know this!

No real damage was done, but falling on my ass while they laughed was just about the extent of my humiliation! I can remember as they drove away, the sounds of the 'No Surrender' Compilation coming from the car they were all packed in!

We were convinced they were all 'Nazi's, but my sense is, their motivations were less ideological, and more rooted in 'Fuck You' politics! Case in point, most of these guys ended up growing their hair out and moving into much more progressive circles!

Bill the Cat was a mod kid, whom, always seemed to have a group of Mod girls around him. Nevertheless, Bill was a uber friendly, fast talking operator, whom flirted with Skinhead style, making him an even bigger target for gangs like the North Bay Firm, who reportedly ended up taking his boots a few short moments from my run in with them!

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