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Time Boyz

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Probably one of the most bizarre projects I 've ever worked on was an animated pilot developed for MTV. We had an awesome character designer on board named David Preston. Dave had been designer for King Of The Hill, so, it was interesting to see where he was going to take things.

We were 3 animators on the project, and our job was to take Dave character artwork, and 'clean them up', in Flash, in order to have them animate and lip synch correctly. One co-worker of mine Joe Kossuth, took this to a whole new level and made the characters even more insane.

The story involved two punk kids who get hold of a bicycle time machine, and all hell breaks loose. There were about 20 different characters they were throwing at this, and the scope of the story seemed to be sprawling at times, but offered a lot of opportunities for the animators. I was just starting to be comfortable with my abilities as the crew expanded to about 20 people or so. Most of whom came off of the Flash movie Booty Call (And who would eventually morph into the animation production company Six Point Harness).

All he while during production, the studio with whom we worked at was falling apart. Literally, people were being fired, and equipment was being taken away. The director of the pilot left halfway during the production, and one of our fellow animators was appointed the new director. This went on for another couple of weeks, until we were all notified that the studio was closing and the project was being killed.

It was a shame that it had ended that way, but it was a major learning experience for me, and not only did I get to work with some talented people, right after it ended , I had just gotten some music video work that I probably would have turned down if it'd stayed in production.

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