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Wacky Packages

In the late 60's, early 70's, Topps, who was known for their baseball cards, would come up with gimmicks for off season. One of which were Wacky Packages, which ran for about 15 years, and, have just been reissued. They were sticker cards of send-ups of popular products and brands ( a precursor to Garbage Pail Kids).

The artwork was done by an assortment of illustrators at the time, including the likes of Art Speigelman, Bill Griffith, Kim Dietch and especially a big chunk of the Mad Magazine staff. During school, I was inspired to make my own set. So, for a final project, I made 4 of them. This being one of them:

  Researching some original artwork on Ebay turned these pieces up below. The actual painting/illustrations that went on these cards has always amazed me, but, it looks like some of these are going for upwards of $1,500- 2,000!

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