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Cut Chemist- 'Spat' (2005) Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

About a year and half had passed since the video production stopped. It had always been an itch I couldn't scratch, and had wished I could get back to it at some point. In mid 2006 at a benefit I was involved with, I ran into Luke.

After talking a bit, he'd told me he was hoping we could pick up where we left off, which was the best news I'd heard all day!. I had a pretty clean plate in terms of work, so, it was a go. I was surprised how much work we'd finished the year earlier, so, it was almost half done in terms of art. We just needed to settle on a character style and movement. I tried to manage the expectations a bit more this time around, and Luke seemed pretty happy with things.

The trickiest thing was trying to figure on the 'mouths' and the mannerisms. Since these characters weren't going to sing or do much moving we really had to emphasize the movements as best we could, to give a sense of character. The animators I'd brought on did an amazing job at some of the subtle movements. Once the 'mouths' were synched to the scratching noises, we were almost there.

Luke ended up being really happy with the finished product, and would play it during his performances while he performed the song live! Truly amazing. It ended up being a great experience and offered up a lesson for me in persistence.

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